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If you know of a horse breed association that I haven't got up to yet (the association must have a website I can link to), then email me at if you are associated with this organization, linking back would be nice :-)  well its actually mandatory

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Paint Horse Associations

American Paint Horse Association

Arkansas Paint Horse Club

Arkansas River Valley Quarter Horse & Paint Horse Breeders Association 

Paint Horse Association of Australia

California Paint Horse Association

Carolina Paint Horse Club

Central Virginia Paint Horse Club

Empire State Paint Horse Club

Garden State Paint Horse Club

Illinois Paint Horse Association

Indiana Paint Horse Club

The Irish Piebald & Skewbald Association

Kansas Paint Horse Association

Louisiana Paint Horse Club

New England Paint Horse Club

Ontario Paint Horse Club

Oregon Paint Horse Club

Phanz: Paint Horse Association of New Zealand

Southeastern Oregon Paint Horse Club

Wisconsin Paint Horse Club

Palomino Horse Associations

Alabama Palomino Exhibitors Association

Palomino Horse Association (PHA)

Palomino Horse Breeders of America

Danish Palomino Breeders Association

Golden State Palomino Association

Palomino Horse Exhibitors of Indiana (PHEI)

Iowa Palomino Exhibitors Association (IPEA)

Keystone Palomino Exhibitors Association (KPEA)

Michigan Palomino Horse Association (MPHA)

Minnesota Palomino Horse Exhibitors (MPHE)

New Jersey Palomino Exhibitors

New Mexico Palomino Exhibitors Association (NMPEA)

New York Palomino Exhibitors Assocation (NYPEA)

North Carolina Palomino Exhibitors Association (NCPEA)

Pennsylvania Palomino Exhibitors Association (PPEA)

South Carolina Palomino Exhibitors Association

15inch 16inch Custom Flex Tree Trail Saddle FQHB - $720
Seat: 15inch_ 16inch ~@Color: Golden Brown ~@Cantle Height: 4inch ~@Horn Height: 3 1/2inch ~@Stirrups: 2 1/2inch Stiruup Leathers ~@Weight: Approx 25 lbs.~@~@Features: Ralide Full QH Bar flex tree with 5 year warranty. Double in-skirt rigging. Round skirt with roper border tooling and accented with leather rossets and strings on dee clips.~@ ~@Flex Tree Saddles
Paso Fino Horse Associations

Paso Fino Breeders Club

Paso Fino Horse Association

Mid America Paso Fino Horse Association 

Northeast Paso Fino Horse Association

Tennessee Valley Paso Fino Horse Association

15inch 16inch Fabtron Basket Weaved Saddle - $528.75
Tree: Ralide 13inch Semi Quarter Horse Bars ~@Horn: Pleasure Horn ~@Seat: Grain out_ extra padded. ~@Cantle: 4inch with 1 1/2inch Cheyenne roll ~@Gullet: 6 1/2inch Width ~@Rigging: 7/8 Position Stainless Steel Dees_ Breast Collar Dees ~@Trim: Nylon Cordura Fenders_ Back Plate and Fleece-Lined Skirt. Fully Laced Leather Stirrups. Leather Reinforced Nylon Stirrup Straps with inchquick changeinch buckles ~@Weight: Approximately 19lbs ~@Includes: Cinch_ Off Billet and Tie Strap at no extra charge - Free Shipping!

Percheron Horse Associations

Percheron Horse Association of America

British Percheron Horse Society

Canadian Percheron Association

Ontario Percheron Horse Association

15inch 16inch Dakota Arabian Horse Saddle - $652.5
5319 for the Arabian Horse_ Dakota Saddles ~@Tree: Fiberglass covered. Arabian horse bars with five year warranty. ~@Seat Size: 15inch or 16inch ~@Horn: Leather covered 2 1/4inch high_ 2 1/2inch cap. ~@Cantle: 3inch ~@Rigging: Stainless Steel in Skirt ~@Skirts: Artificial wool lined ~@Stirrup Leathers: 2 1/2inch with leather covered buckles ~@Weight.
Peruvian Paso Horse Associations

American Association of Owners and Breeders of Peruvian Paso Horses

Peruvian Paso Horse Registry of North America

Legacy Breeders Council

SouthWest Peruvian Horse Club

15inch 16inch 17inch Dakota Walker Horse Saddle (gaited bars) - $772.5
750 for the Gaited Walker Horse_ Dakota Saddles ~@Tree: Fiberglass covered. Walker horse bars with five year warranty. ~@Seat Size: 15inch_ 16inch or 17inch ~@Horn: Leather covered 3 - 1/4inch high_ 2 1/2inch cap. ~@Cantle: 4inch ~@Rigging: Double stainless steel dees 7/8inch position. ~@Skirts: Artificial wool lined ~@Stirrup Leathers: 2 1/2inch with leather covered buckles ~@Weight: Approximately 35 LBS.
Pinto Horse Associations

Pinto Horse Association of America, Inc.

Pinto Horse Association of Ohio

Pacific Pinto Horse Association

National Pinto Horse Registery

South Carolina Pinto Horse Association

Pinto of the Virginias

Pinto Horse Association of Western Washington

15inch 16inch Fabtron Trail Saddle - $509.95
Tree: Ralide Quarter Horse Bars ~@Seat: grain out_ extra padded. ~@Gullet: 6 3/4inch Width ~@Rigging: Stainless Steel Dees_ 7/8 Position ~@Swell: 13inch
Plantation Pleasure Horse Associations

Plantation Pleasure Walking Horse Association of North Carolina

15inch 16inch 17inch Fabtron Lady Trail Saddle FQHB 7152p 7154p - $599.95
Lady Trail Saddle by Fabtron ~@~@Tree: Full Quarter Horse Bar Tree ~@Seat Size: 15inch or 16inch - Call for 17inch seat ~@Materials: Leather top with Cordura Fenders and Skirt ~@Cantle: 5inch with Cheyenne roll. ~@Rigging: Full Double Rigged. ~@Skirts: Artificial wool lined ~@Weight: Approx 21 lbs. ~@Special: Frant and back saddle strings. Comes with a trail girth.~@~@SPECIAL FEATURES: Constructed to fit most of today's trail horses and on a saddle tree made especially to provide riding comfort and back support for the female trail rider_ this saddle has a high cantle for more spinal support_ a seat designed specifically for a woman's body configuration_ and a little more narrow front. Enhance the joy and comfort of riding with this lightweight lather/Cordura combination.
Pony Associations

Australian Stud Saddle Pony Society

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Pony of the Americas Club

Dartmoor Pony Registry of America

Dartmoor Pony Society

United States Pony Clubs

15inch 16inch Dakota Pleasure Saddle 900j - $570
900j Custom Dakota Saddle - Pleasure Riding ~@Tree: Spot fiberglass covered. Semi-Quarterhorse bars with five year warranty. ~@Seat Size: 15inch ~@Horn: 3 1/2inch Leather ~@Swell: 13inch ~@Cantle: 4inch Cheyenne roll. ~@Rigging: Double dees nickel plated. ~@Stirrups: 2 1/2inch with quick change. ~@Weight: Approximately 28lbs.
Quarter Horse Associations

Alabama Quarter Horse Association

Alaska State Quarter Horse Association

Alamo Quarter Horse Breeders Association

Alberta Quarter Horse Association

American Quarter Horse Association of the United Kingdom

Arkansas River Valley Quarter Horse & Paint Horse Breeders Association

Blue Ridge Quarter Horse Association

British Columbia Quarter Horse Association

Capitol Area Quarter Horse Association

Connecticut Quarter Horse Association

Empire State Quarter Horse Association

The Foundation Quarter Horse Association

Foundation Quarter Horses Breeders Association

Georgia Quarter Horse Association

Idaho Quarter Horse Breeders Association

Illinois Quarter Horse Association

Indiana Quarter Horse Association

Kentucky Quarter Horse Association

Lone Star Quarter Horse Association

Louisiana Quarter Horse Association

Maryland State Quarter Horse Association

Massachusetts Quarter Horse Association

Mississippi Quarter Horse Association 

Michigan Quarter Horse Association

Mid-Atlantic Quarter Horse Association

Minnesota Amateur Quarter Horse Association

Montana Quarter Horse Association

National Foundation Quarter Horse Association

National Snaffle Bit Association

New Hampshire Quarter Horse Association

New Jersey Quarter Horse Association

North Dakota Quarter Horse Association

Northeast Nebraska Quarter Horse Breeders Association

Northern Ohio Quarter Horse Association

Ohio Quarter Horse Association

Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association

Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association

The Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association

Rocky Mountain Quarter Horse Association

South Dakota Quarter Horse Association

Southern Oregon Foundation Quarter Horse Club

Tennessee Quarter Horse Association

Texas Foundation Quarter Horse Club

Texas Foundation Quarter Horse Association

Vermont Quarter Horse Association

Victorian Quarter Horse Association Inc

Virginia Quarter Horse Association

Washington State Quarter Horse Association

Western New York Quarter Horse Club

Western Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association

Wisconsin Quarter Horse Association

World Foundation Quarter Horse Alliance

15inch 16inch FQHB Fabtron Black Synthetic Saddle - $509.95
Tree: Ralide 13inch Roper Front Full-Quarter Horse Bars ~@Horn: Roper Horn ~@Seat: Rough out_ extra padded. ~@Cantle: 4inch with 1 1/2inch Cheyenne roll ~@Gullet: 6 3/4inch Width ~@Rigging: Full Double Rigged Stainless Steel Dees_ Breast Collar Dees ~@Trim: Nylon Cordura Fenders_ Back Plate and Fleece-Lined Skirt. Fully Laced Leather Stirrups. Leather Reinforced Nylon Stirrup Straps with inchquick changeinch buckles ~@Weight: Approximately 19lbs ~@Includes: Cinch_ Off Billet and Tie Strap and back strap at no extra charge - Free Shipping!

Quarter Ponies Associations

American Quarter Pony Association

International Quarter Pony Association

14inch 15inch 16inch 17inch Big Horn Cordura Trail Saddle FQHB or Semi - $320.5
Tree: Ralided 13inch barrel front_ quarter horse ~@Rigging: 7/8 position single front stainless steel dee. ~@Seat: Padded suede seat and jockeys. ~@Cantle: 4inch ~@Trim: Cordura Nylon skirts_ housings and fenders_ leather conchos; suede front_ cantle binding_ and horn. ~@Skirts: 24inch x 10inch_ Oregon round_ fleece lined_ slotted and reinforced for installing flank billets ~@Fenders: 18inch x 8inch_ 2inch leather reinforced nylon stirrup straps with roller buckles. ~@Stirrups: Ralide with laced suede cushioned foot pad. ~@Finish: Brown suede and Cordura accented with black binding. ~@Weight: Approx 15 Lbs
Reined Cow  Horse Associations

National Reined Cow Horse Association

Reining  Horse Associations

Appaloosa Reining Horse Association

Arkansas Reining Horse Association

Bluegrass Reining Association

British Columbia Reining Association

California Reining Horse Association

Central Coast Reining Horse Association

Central Plains Reining Horse Association

Dixie Reining Horse Association 

Florida Reining Horse Association

German Reining Horse Association

National Morgan Reining Horse Association

National Reining Horse Association

New Mexico Reining Horse Association

North Central Reining Horse Association

NorthEast Reining Horse Association

North West Reining Association

Ontario Reining Horse Association

Rocky Mountain Reining Horse Association

Southwest Reining Horse Association 

Texas Reining Horse Association

Washington Reining Horse Association

16inch 17inch Custom Roping Saddle by Dakota - $645
Tree: Steele Equi-Fit. Fiberglass Covered Full Quarterhorse Bars or Reg QH Bars - Choose Below. 5 Years Warranty. ~@Horn: Standard Post 3-3/4inch High 2-1/4inch Cap ~@Rigging: Double Stainless Steel Dees 7/8inch Position. ~@Cantle: 4inch with Cheyenne Roll ~@Stirrup Leathers: 3inch with Blevins Buckles ~@Weight: Approx 38lbs
Rocky Mountain Horse Associations

Florida Rocky Mountain Horse Association

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association

Mountain Pleasure Horse Association

Rocky Mountain Horse Association

Northeast Mountain Horse Club

15inch 16inch Dakota Qualifier Barrel Saddle 470 - $772.5
Dakota Saddelry gives you a saddle your horse will perform and look great. This barrel racer is built for speed. It has inskirt stainless steel rigging to help you stay close to the horse. The saddle is beautiful_ too_ with rawhide braided horn_ cantle_ and performance stirrups. The light oiled leather has been tooled and has Montana Silversmith trim. Best of all_ it comes with a five year tree warranty from Dakota so that you can buy with confidence. ~@~@~@~@Tree: Regular QH Bars 5 year warranty and qualifier front ~@Color: Light Oiled ~@Horn: 3 1/2inch natural rawhide braded ~@Rigging: Stainless Steel in-skirt dropped ~@Cantle: 5inch with green rawhide binding ~@Stirrup Leathers: 2 1/2inch with leather covered blevins ~@Stirrups: Natural Rawhide Bell ~@Finish: Montana Silversmith trim ~@Weight: Approx 30lbs
Saddlebred Horse Associations

American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA)

15inch 16inch Dakota Saddlery Pleasure Saddle reg or FQHB - $727.5
Tree: Steele Equi-Fit. Fiberglass Covered Semi Quarterhorse Bars. 5 Years Warranty Full Bars Available. ~@Horn: 3 1/2inch ~@Rigging: Double Stainless Steel Dees 7/8inch Position. ~@Cantle: 5inch ~@Stirrup Leather: 2-1/2inch With Blevins Buckles. ~@Weight: Approx 35lbs
Selle Francais  Horse Associations

North American Selle Francais Association (NASFA)

15inch 16inch Tex Tan Virginian Trail Saddle - $1011.5
Tree: Equi-Tex Extra Wide ~@Horn: 1 7/8inch Cap x 3 1/4inch High ~@Rigging: 3-way In Skirt ~@Cantle: 4inch ~@Swell: 12inch ~@Weight: Approx 32lbs ~@Color: Pecan
Shagya Arabian Horse Associations

North American Shagya Arabian Society

16inch 17inch 18inch Wichita Circle Y Park and Trail Saddle - $935
Tree: Ralide ~@Silver: None ~@Riggings: C-Rig ~@Swell Width: 12inch ~@Cantle Height: 4inch ~@Horn Size: 3 1/4inch Neck_ 1 7/8inch Cap ~@Skirt Size: 26 1/2inchL X 13inchD ~@Weight: 32lbs
Shetland Ponies Associations

American Shetland Pony Club

14inch 15inch Billy Cook half Breed Barrel Racer 1528 - $972.5
This classic barrel racer by Billy Cook promises to give your horse the edge over the competition. From the rawhide braided horn to the bell laced stirrups_ this saddle is built for beauty and speed. It's built on a rawhide covered tree with Quarter horse bars and features a cantle with rawhide silver laced overlay_ and inskirt rigging. The light leather features floral and Half Breed tooling with roughout fenders and the seat has a unique quilted design. 21 strand cinch included.~@~@Tree: C.J. rawhide covered_ Quarter horse bars ~@Seat Size: 14inch_ 15inch ~@Horn: 1 3/4inch rawhide braided with BC cap ~@Swell: 13inch hand tooled with rawhide silver laced edge ~@Cantle: 4inch or 5inch rawhide overlay ~@Rigging: In skirt ~@Skirts: Artificial wool lined_ hoof pick holder ~@Stirrups: 2inch bell rawhide covered and laced ~@Pattern: Floral and half breed basket; WSO seat and fender
Shire Horse Associations

Alberta Shire Club

Canadian Shire Horse Association

The Shire Horse Society - UK

15inch 16inch 17inch Crates Round Skirt Wide or Medium Tree Trail Saddle 2171-2C - $1414.5
Crates Exclusive Round Skirt Lightweight Trail Saddle~@~@This beautiful Lightweight Trail saddle by Crates comes fashioned with a very comfortable double padded chap leather seat to keep you happy on the trails. The leather is finished in a glossy chestnut oil. The equi-fit tree is designed to offer a full added inch in the seat jockey area_ (from the base of the front to the base of the cantle) for more comfort and roominess in the thigh area. A very comfortable trail saddle. Complete with a five year limited warranty so you can buy with confidence. ~@~@~@Tree: Equifit Trail_ Wide FQHB bars or Regular Quarter Horse Bars~@Skirt: Round 26 x 13_ saddle fleece lined~@Horn: Trail_ 3 1/2inch neck_ 2 1/2inch cap~@Seat: 15inch_ double padded chap leather~@Finish: Chestnut~@Weight: Approx 29lbs~@Warranty: 5 years
Sport Horse Associations

The American Sporthorse Registry

Canadian Sport Horse Association

Irish Horse Board

Sport Horse Owners and Breeders Assocation, Inc.

15 1/2inch Crates Deluxe Show Saddle15 1/2inch Crates Deluxe Show Saddle - $ 1824.00
The new Crates inchBalanced Center-Pocketinch seat is designed to place the rider in balanced position directly over the legs and feet_ in straight line from shoulder to hip to heel. This position allows the knees to bend slightly to absorb the shock of bouncing. By being balanced over the center of the saddle and horse_ the rider can move as one with horse. The ground seat of the saddle is shaped to keep the rider very close to the horse's back for increased balance.~@~@Tree: Western Pleasure_ Equifit Fiberglass covered wood_ Balanced Center-Pocket seat. ~@Gullet: 6 1/2inch wide_ 8inch high - 12inch front ~@Cantle: 3 1/2inch Oval ~@Horn: Pelican 3inch Cap ~@Skirt: Square 28inch x 13inch Saddle Fleece Lined ~@Trim: Sterling Silver Plated Trim by Montana Silversmith. ~@Rigging: Crates In-Skirt ~@Tooling: Basket Stamped ~@Weight: About 32 Pounds

Spotted Saddle Horse Associations

Alabama Spotted Saddle Horse Club

Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders and Exhibitor's Association

International Spotted Horse Registry

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association

Spotted Saddle Horse Association Of Kentucky

National Spotted Saddle Horse Association

16inch 18inch Desert Creek Circle Y Hard Seat Ranch Saddle16inch 18inch Desert Creek Circle Y Hard Seat Ranch Saddle - $ 1799.00
Tree: Rawhide ~@Silver: None ~@Riggings: Flat Plate Rig ~@Swell Width: 14inch ~@Cantle Height: 5inch ~@Horn Size: 3inch neck_ 2 3/4inch cap ~@Skirt Size: 26 1/2inch L x 12 1/2inch D ~@Weight: 42lbs
Standardbred Horse Associations

Standardbred Canada

Standardbred Retirement Foundation

The United States Trotting Association

16inch 17inch Circle Y Working Cowhorse Saddle16inch 17inch Circle Y Working Cowhorse Saddle - $ 1799.00
Circle Y Working Cowhorse Saddle 1388~@~@Tree: Performance Cowhorse ~@Color: Regular Oil ~@Seat: New Apache Seat ~@Silver: Brown Iron Star ~@Riggings: 7/8 Double Dee - Dropped ~@Swell Width: 13inch ~@Cantle Height: 4inch ~@Skirt Size: 28inchL X 14inchD ~@Horn Size: 2 1/2inch Neck_ 1 3/4inch Cap ~@Weight: Approximate 38lbs~@~@Special Features: New brown iron conchos and accents. Roughout jockeys and fenders with Apache seat to help stick. Comes with back-strap. Built and reinforced for the cow working rancher. Aluminum stirrups to withstand rigors of ranch life.
Suffolk Horse Associations

American Suffolk Horse Association

Suffolk Horse Society

Suffolk - Suffolk Punch Pages

Tennessee Walking Horse Associations

Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders  Assn.

Tennessee Walking Horse Association of California

Canadian Tennessee Walking Horse

Chesapeake Plantation Walking Horse Club

Florida Walking & Racking Horse Association

New York State Plantation Walking Horse Club

Quad City Walking Horse Club 

Wisconsin Walking Horse Association

15inch 16inch Circle Y Show Saddle15inch 16inch Circle Y Show Saddle - $ 1725.00
This affordable_ durable and great looking show saddle is perfect for the showman at any level. The beautiful_ panel tooling is accented with genuine Montana Silversmiths conchos_ corner plates and full cantle nameplate. Built on a tough ralide tree_ guaranteed for five years.~@~@Circle Y Show Saddle 3680 ~@Tree: Ralide ~@Seat: Equitation ~@Silver: SSP Scallop ~@Tooling: Fully tooled_ traditional floral. ~@Leather: American - Herman Oak ~@Riggings: 7/8 J-Rigging ~@Swell Width: 12inch ~@Cantle Height: 4inch ~@Horn Size: Pelican - Shown horn ~@Skirt Size: 26inchL X 12 1/2inch D ~@Weight: 29lbs~@~@~@FEATURES:New tooling design. Sterling Silver Plated with protective finish for ease of care. Close contact custom skirt shape. Full silver cantle plate.
Tiger Horse Associaition

Tiger Horse Registry

15inch 16inch Black Fabtron Trail Saddle - $412.45
Tree: Ralide 13inch Semi Quarter Horse Bars ~@Horn: Pleasure Horn ~@Seat: Rough out_ extra padded. ~@Cantle: 5inch with 1 1/2inch Cheyenne roll ~@Gullet: 6 1/2inch Width ~@Rigging: 7/8 Position Stainless Steel Dees_ Breast Collar Dees ~@Trim: Nylon Cordura Fenders_ Back Plate and Fleece-Lined Skirt. Leather Padded Stirrups. Leather Reinforced Nylon Stirrup Straps with inchquick changeinch buckles ~@Weight: Approximately 19lbs ~@Includes: Cinch_ Off Billet and Tie Strap at no extra charge - Free Shipping!
Thoroughbred Horse Associations

Thoroughbred Owners' & Breeders' Association

16inch 17inch Custom Dakota Saddle Haflinger Bars - $930
Dakota Haflinger Trail Saddle ~@~@We've partnered with Dakota Saddlery to bring you durable_ quality saddles at affordable prices. This beautiful trail saddle promises not to disappoint. It's built with bars with the angle and width for your unique haflinger. It's constructed on a strong Ralide tree and contains inskirt rigging with stainless steel hardware. Special features include roper border tooling on the round skirt and leather rossets and strings on the dee clips. Buy with confidence with a ten year tree warranty.~@~@Specifications:~@Tree: Ralide made for the Haflinger with Ten Year Warranty~@Seat: 16inch or 17inch (Please call for a 15inch seat)~@Color: Chocolate - call for other colors~@Cantle Height: 4inch (17inch has 5inch cantle)~@Horn Height: 3.5inch~@Skirt Length: 27inch~@Rigging: Stainless Steel in-skirt 7/8 Position~@Stirrups: 2 1/2inch Stiruup Leathers with Blevins Buckles~@Weight: Approx 28 lbs.
Trakehner Horse Associations

American Trakehner Association

Trakehner Breeders' Fraternity

Canadian Trakehner Horse Society 

Trakehner Breeders Association of New Zealand

16inch Circle Y Rifle Team Penner Performance Saddle y263316inch Circle Y Rifle Team Penner Performance Saddle y2633 - $ 1725.00
Circle Y gives you a saddle that will work as hard as you do and still look great at the end of the day. The Rifle Team Penning saddle is built on a DURAhide tree and fitted with close contact skirts and Circle Y's famous Softee seat jockey and fender leather_ giving you that inchready to rideinch feel and nearly eliminating the break-in period for your new saddle. The seat is padded and made of soft grain-out leather. Includes rear cinch set. The leather is finished in regular oil and features engraved silver and unique tooling.~@~@~@Specifications: ~@Color: -4 Regular oil ~@Tree: DURAhide regular ~@Silver: Engraved ~@Leather: Herman Oak Leather ~@Rigging: Inskirt J rig/ Rear D ~@Swell Width: 13inch ~@Cantle Height: 3 1/2inch ~@Horn Size: 3inch Neck 2 1/4inch Cap ~@Skirt Size: 13 1/2inch x 27 1/2inch ~@Weight: Approximately 38 lbs.
Welsh Ponies & Cob  Horse Associations

Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America, Inc.

Australian Welsh Pony and Cob Society

Welsh Pony & Cob Association of California

Welsh Pony and Cob Society of Canada 

The Welsh Pony and Cob Society - UK

Emerald Empire Welsh Pony Society 

Home Counties Welsh Pony and Cob Association  

Northeastern Welsh Pony Association 

Oregon Welsh Pony Society 

The South Eastern Welsh Pony & Cob Association 

Southern Welsh Association 

Southern Counties Welsh Pony and Cob Association

South Western Association of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society

Welsh Part-Bred Horses

15inch 16inch 17inch Dakota Draft Horse Trail Saddle 214 - $825
214 Dakota Draft Trail Saddle~@~@Here at the HorseSaddleShop we're big fans of Dakota Saddelry. Their custom saddles are just as high quality as some more expensive brand names_ but usually much more affordable. We're glad to expand our selection of draft saddles with this model from Dakota. It's built on their draft trail saddle tree and features a new style of double in-skirt rigging_ 1 1/4inch cantle roll_ and a dark golden brown with distressed grainout leather seat. The backstrap is 6inch longer for your draft horse. It also features off-billets_ breastcollar dees_ screws & washers with strings on the dee clips in front and back for all your trail gear. Soft fenders for easy stirrup turning.~@~@Tree: Draft Trail ~@Seat Size: 16inch (Please call for 15inch or 17inch seat) ~@Rigging: Double in skirt ~@Cantle: 1 1/2inch roll ~@Tooling: Shell Border
Warmblood Horse Associations

American Warmblood Registry

American Warmblood Society 

Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association

Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association

Danish Warmblood Society

Iberian Sport Horse & Warmblood Registry

Iberian Warmblood Registry of America, Inc.

New Zealand Warmblood Horse Breeders Association

Royal Dutch Warmblood Studbook (KWPN)

Swedish Warmblood Association of North America

14inch 15inch Billy Cook Barrel Racing Silver Saddle - $1232.5
#10-2000 CJ Barrel Saddle_ Billy Cook Saddle ~@Tree: CJ rawhide covered quarter horse bar & gullet ~@Seat Size: 14inch_ 15inch padded. ~@Horn: 1 3/4inch with BC cap ~@Swell: 13inch tooled. ~@Cantle: 5inch with Cheyenne roll. ~@Rigging: In skirt. ~@Skirts: Artificial wool lined ~@Stirrups: 2inch bell sewn with stirrup bolt and tooled ~@Pattern: Partial oak leaf and border. Sterling silver plated.~@~@Although through the years many have tried to imitate Billy Cook products_ even to the point of counterfieting_ THERE IS ONLY ONE GENUINE inchBILLY COOK CLASSIC SADDLEinch MANUFACTURER. is happy to sell the Genuine Billy Cook saddles made in Sulphur_ Oklahoma_ owned by Mr. Billy Cook. There are other saddle manufacturers that sell their own Billy Cook saddles. If you buy a Billy Cook saddle be sure that it is manufactured in Sulphur_ Oklahoma.
Waler (Australian Stock Horse) Associations

The Australian Stock Horse Society Ltd.

Waler Horse Society of Australia

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