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If you know of a horse breed association that I haven't got up to yet (the association must have a website I can link to), then email me at if you are associated with this organization, linking back would be nice :-)  well its actually mandatory

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Fell Ponies Associations

Fell Pony Society and Conservancy of the Americas

Fell Pony Society of North America 

The Fell Pony Society

Friesians Horse Associations

Australian Friesian Horse Society 

Australasian Warmblood Friesian Association

Friesian Horse Association of North America (FHANA)

Friesian Horse Society (FHS)

16inch 17inch Billy Cook Training Saddle - $1232.5
Tree: Western Pleasure_ Rawhide covered with quarter horse bars and gullet ~@Cantle Height: 3 1/2inch with cheynne role ~@Rigging: In Skirt ~@Swell Width: 13inch with training Dees ~@Horn Cap: 2 1/2inch Low leather covered ~@Skirt: Acrylic wool lining. Cut away ~@Pattern: Wrong side out ~@Stirrups: 2 1/2inch bell rawhide covered
Georgian Grande Horse Associations

International Georgian Grande Horse Registry, Inc.

15inch 16inch 17inch Big Horn FQHB Cordura Brown Saddle - $589
Tree: Fiberglass covered wood tree_ full 7inch quarter horse bars_ 13inch barrel front. ~@Cantle: 3inch with 1 1/2inch Cheyenne roll. ~@Rigging: 7/8 position single front rigging_ heavy stainless steel dees. ~@Grain-out padded. ~@Fenders: 19inch X 8inch_ 2 1/2inch leather reinforced nylon stirrup straps with Blevins buckles. ~@Skirts: 25inch X 12inch_ square_ fleece lined. ~@Stirrups: Ralide with laced leather foot pad. ~@Trim: Smooth leather front and jockeys_ Cordura Nylon skirts_ fenders and housings_ leather conchos_ breast collar dees_ dees for attaching saddle strings. ~@Weight: Approximately 20lbs.
Gotland Ponies Associations

16inch 16.5inch Billy Cook Close Contact Reiner - $1362.5
#10-6114 Classic Reinier_ Reining Saddle by Billy Cook ~@Tree: Classic reiner_ rawhide covered' ~@Seat Size: 16inch ~@Horn: Low reinier_ leather covered ~@Swell: 12inch hand tooled ~@Cantle: 3inch ~@Rigging: In skirt close contact ~@Skirts: Artificial wool lined ~@Cinch: Mohair ~@Stirrups: 2inch Bell. ~@Pattern: Basket and border_ hand stamped

Gypsy Vanner Horse Associations

The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society 

Hackney Horse Associations

American Hackney Horse Society

Canadian Hackney Society 

The Hackney Horse Society (U.K.)

The South African Hackney Horse Breeders Society

Northeast Hackney Association 

15inch 16inch Big Horn Cordura Trail Saddle High Cantle black/brn - $478.5
Tree: Ralide 13inch front_ semi-quarter horse bars. ~@Cantle: 5inch with 1 1/2inch Cheyenne roll. ~@Rigging: 7/8 position single front rigging_ stainless steel dee. ~@Trim: Smooth leather front and jockeys_ Cordura Nylon skirts_ fenders and housing_ leather conchos_ breast collar dees_ clipping dees for attaching saddle strings. ~@Skirts: 25inch X 12inch Square_ fleece lined. ~@Fenders: 19inch X 8inch_ 2inch leather reinforced nylon stirrup straps with Blevins buckles. ~@Stirrups: Ralide with laced leather foot pad. ~@Weight: Approximately 18lbs.
Hackney Ponies

Haflinger Horse Associations

American Haflinger Registry

Haflinger Association of AmericaSubscribe to American Cowboy magazine

Canadian Haflinger Association

Illinois Haflinger Association

Southeastern Haflinger Association

Western Haflinger Association

16inch 17inch Circle Y Flex Lite Softee Trail Saddle - $1499
Color: Walnut or Dark Oil ~@Tree: Flex-Lite (Stirrup Leather Overbar) ~@Silver: Engraved ~@Rigging: 3-Way In Skirt ~@Swell Width: 13inch ~@Cantle Height: 4inch ~@Horn Size: 3 1/4inch Neck 1 7/8inch Cap ~@Skirt Size: 13 1/2inchD x 27 1/4inchL ~@Weight: 22 lbs.~@~@SPECIAL FEATURES:Original Flex-Lite Tree technology. Improved tunnel skirt desing. Matching rigging wear leather. Apache leather seat. Softee seat jockey and fenders. Domed slotted chonchos with strings. New Tunnel Skirt~@The 1651 Saddle has the Flex-Lite Tree Technology - Flexible for the Horse and Lightweight for the Rider~@Flexible tree design conforms to a horse's back. ~@Flex-Lite skirts have a shock absorbing neoprene filler for the horse and rider's comfort. ~@The Circle Y Softee seat jockey and fender leather provides a inchread to rideinch saddle to minimize rider's knee and ankle strain. ~@The original Circle Y Flex-Lite saddles are built for fit_ weight and comfort.
Hanoverian Horse Associations

Hannoveraner Verband

British Hanoverian Horse Society

Hanoverian Breeders Club of Eastern Canada

The New Zealand Hanoverian Society

Highland Pony Associations

Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club

The Highland Pony Society

Highland Pony Society of Australia

14inch 14.5inch 15inch 16inch Alvarado Ladies K Series All Around Reg or Wide Tree Saddle Circle Y y2729 - $1999
We're pleased to consistently add to our stock of saddles that are especially built for a woman's unique form. The Alvarado Ladies' All Around saddle is perfect for everything from trail riding to ranch work_ and it's beautiful_ too! Its tree has been coated with DURAhide and reinforced with Kevlar to ensure that it stays strong and resistant to the elements. The rear cinch set is included. The leather has been hand tooled in beautiful daisy with border design and features antique with rope edge conchos. Check out the matching tack! ~@~@~@~@~@You need strength and durability day after day. For practice or competition_ K Series saddles by Circle Y are Kevlar tough. The K Series tree is reinforced with the same bulletproof Kevlar used by law enforcement and carries a lifetime tree guarantee ensuring your saddle will hold up to demand. ~@~@~@Specifications:~@Seat Size: 14inch_ 14.5inch_ 15inch_ 16inch ~@Color: -4 Regular Oil ~@Tooling: Daisy with border ~@Tree: DURAhide Regular and Wide ~@Silver: Antique rope edge ~@Leather: Herman Oak Leather ~@Rigging: 7/8 Double Dee ~@Swell Width: 12 1/2inch ~@Cantle Height: 4 1/2inch ~@Horn Size: 2 1/2inch Neck 1 3/4inch Cap ~@Skirt Size: 14inch x 26 1/2inch ~@Weight: Approximately 25 lbs.
Holsteiner Horse Associations

American Holsteiner Association, Inc

Iberian Warmblood Horse Associations

Iberian Warmblood Registry International

Mangalarga Marchador Horses

15inch 16inch 17inch Flex2 Alabama Trail Gaiter by Circle Y y1581 - $1599
We're proud to be consistently adding to our gaited saddle selection. New from Circle Y_ the Alabama and Mississippi Gaiter Saddles are designed specifically for your gaited horse. They're proven to fit a wide range of gaited horses. These saddles are fashioned to give you horse the freedom of movement and comfort that he needs with his unique gait. Several features provide this: the Flex2 tree_ the shorter_ rounded NeoShock skirts for no gait interference_ and multiple rigging options for freer shoulder movement. The saddle also features Circle Y's impact foam seat_ which absorbs shock and eliminates transference between horse and rider. The Softee leather drastically shortens the inchbreak ininch period for your saddle_ providing a inchready-to-rideinch feel right off the bat. Lastly_ the Ergo-Balance stirrups are designed to place the rider's feet and legs for decreased knee and ankle fatigue and to promote balanced riding. Your gaited horse will prance like never before.~@~@Specifications: ~@Color: -1 Walnut_ -4 Regular Oil ~@Seat: - Suede or Grainout (call toll free 1-866-880-2121) ~@Tooling: Spider border ~@Tree: Trail Gaiter Flex2 ~@Silver: Silver on silver wire edge with balls ~@Leather: Herman Oak Leather ~@Rigging: 3/4 Dropped C ~@Swell Width: 13inch ~@Cantle Height: 4inch ~@Horn Size: 3 1/2inch Neck 2 1/4inch Cap ~@Skirt Size: 10inch x 25inch ~@Weight: Approximately 24 lbs.
Icelandic Horse Associations

Canadian Icelandic Horse Federation

The Icelandic Horse Society of Great Britain

Great Lakes Icelandic Horse Association

International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations

United States Icelandic Horse Registry

Vermont Icelandic Riding Club

Wisconsin Icelandic Horse Riders Association

16inch 17inch Crates Gaited Horse Trail Saddle Mahogany Black 281 - $1466.5
Made on Crates' Equi-Fit Gaited Horse tree with proper bar flair_ twist_ and spread_ this saddle promises to be the perfect fit for the way your horse moves. Fits most gaited horses_ Missouri Foxtrotters_ and Walking Horses. The narrow center pocket ground seat gives you extra comfort on the trails. The softly padded seat is covered in grain-out chap leather. Deep basket tooling.~@~@~@~@Tree: Equifit Gaited Horse Tree ~@Cantle Height: 4inch ~@Skirt: Round_ 28inch x 14inch Saddlefleece lined ~@Fenders: 17inch x 7 1/2inch_ 2 1/2inch Stirrup Leathers and belvins buckles ~@Rigging: In-Skirt_ 7/8 ~@Finish: Mahogany or Black (Call for Chestnut) ~@Weight: Approx 27lbs ~@Warranty: 5 years
Irish Draught Horse Associations

Irish Draught and Sport Horse Society - Australia

The Irish Horse Board

Irish Draught Horse Society of Canada

Irish Draught Horse Society

Irish Draught Horse Society of Great Britain

Irish Draught Horse Society of North America

Northern Ireland Horse Board

Irish Horse Society of New Zealand

14inch 15inch Faux Pink Ostrich Seat Saddle - $690
Custom made for the Saddle Shop~@~@~@Tree: Steele Equi-Fit. Fiberglass Covered Regular Bars or Full Quarter Horse Bars. 5 Years Warranty Full Bars Available. ~@Color: Light Oiled ~@Horn: 3-1/2inch Rawhide Braided. ~@Rigging: Double Stainless Steel C In-skirt. ~@Cantle: 5inch Rawhide Silver Laced ~@Stirrup Leather: 2-1/2inch With Blevins Buckles. ~@Weight: Approx 29lbs

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