How Good Mobile-friendly Web Design Can Benefit SEO

Mobile-friendly websites can be a key component of search engine optimization (SEO). In addition to the benefits that come with converting your website from static HTML to interactive web content, there are also tangible costs.

The following is a list of ways that mobile-friendly websites benefit SEO;

1) Increase Search Engine Rankings

To promote your mobile-friendly website, you need high rankings on Google and other search engines. A small, poorly formatted mobile-friendly site can severely affect your search rankings. It is important to note that ranking highly is not the only benefit of mobile-friendly websites. Advantages such as deeper link profiles, more visitors, and higher sales have been attributed to mobile-friendly websites.

2) Mobile-Friendly Websites Thrive When Search Engines Rank Them Higher

While high rankings are valuable for a variety of reasons, they are especially beneficial for mobile-friendly websites. Research shows that mobile users search for information differently than desktop users. Mobile users rely on search engines more than desktop users do, and they are searching for specific information. The key to success with mobile-friendly websites is to ensure that your website is ranked highly by Google, Yahoo!, and Bing so that these searchers can find your website.

3) Mobile Search Is More Important Than Ever

As more people around the world gain access to smartphones and other wireless devices, the role of mobile in business will continue to grow. Search engine optimization (SEO) usually centers on increasing website traffic through search engines. But mobile search is becoming more important than ever.

4) Offer A Competitive Advantage

Mobile-friendly websites allow users to get the most from their mobile devices. By providing optimized content and applications, you will become more competitive in the market. You can increase your conversion rate, and companies that don’t take advantage of this opportunity may lose customers. Research shows that companies with mobile-friendly websites have larger market shares than websites that do not offer this service. Want to gain an unfair advantage in your market with organic, authoritative traffic? If so, then click:

5) Increase Sales

One of the more intriguing ways that mobile-friendly websites benefit SEO is by increasing sales. As more people become comfortable doing business on their mobile devices, they will tend to purchase products and services on the go. Currently, almost three out of every four consumers plan to spend their entire day online in the next two years. You can take advantage of this trend and build your business a step ahead.

6) Simple Way to Boost Conversion Rates

If you are going to invest in mobile-friendly web design, it is important to ensure that the traffic and conversion rates increase. Mobile users have different expectations than desktop users; they expect to find information easily and quickly. Consider implementing a mobile version of your website, or making it more specific for mobile users. For example, if you sell clothing, consider offering a mobile website that is optimized for handheld devices like an iPhone or Android-powered phone.

7) Easy to Implement and Affordable

While a mobile-optimized website is more affordable than a traditional mobile site, it can be extremely beneficial because it is easy to implement. It doesn’t require any special coding or permission from the search engines, making it simple for you to take advantage of this trend. If you have an existing website, you can easily update it and convert it into a mobile-friendly version.

8) Mobile Is Growing and Outpacing the Web

Mobile is becoming more important than desktop when it comes to consumers. In addition, mobile pages are growing faster than desktop pages, which is a trend that will continue for the next few years. It is important to understand these trends so that you can remain competitive in the Internet marketing space. Learn more here:

9) Mobile Search Results Are Different Than Desktop Results

Mobile devices have different screens and different available inputs than desktop computers, which changes how users search. They are more likely to use a search engine on their mobile device, but they are looking for specific information instead of browsing a catalog. As the mobile search grows and becomes more important, you should consider the new expectations of users and build your website around these expectations.

Mobile-friendly websites can be an important factor in how you promote your products and services. The list of benefits associated with this service is long and can be quite attractive to a wide range of businesses. While the initial costs of mobile website design are not as high as developing a separate mobile site, the long-term benefits are significant. If you plan to invest in mobile-friendly web design, you will be able to enjoy several benefits, including increased traffic and better sales.


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